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Mike Williams Sage of QuayMike Williams is a critical thinker and the host of the popular internet site Sage of Quay® Radio.

He is also the founder of the long running alternative news blog Sage of Quay and a musician/songwriter.

Mike's content is aimed at awakening the masses to help bring humanity back to our natural existence, where we live in truth and serve Creation.

Mike brings his audience information on alternative news, research and wellness, the esoteric, spirituality and much more.

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A Decade of Rockers (Compilation) - Released December 2023

A Decade of Blues & Ballads (Compilation) - Released December 2023

No More Gods - Released May 2023

Hollow Moon (2023 Remaster) - Released Feb 2018

Leaving Dystopia (2022 Remaster) - Released Feb 2013

All of Mike's music can be purchased at BandCamp and Reverbnation.

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In 2021 and 2023, Mike brought together independent songwriters and musicians from across the world to create a unique listening experience and to promote the talents of indie artists. Enjoy!

The 2023 Great Indie Artist Playlist!
The 2021 Great Indie Artist Playlist!

What does the eye within the pyramid mean?

Mike Williams Sage of Quay Mike is often asked about the cover art from his album Leaving Dystopia.

The triangle (pyramid) represents the four elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, as well as the Holy Trinity and the Creative Principle. The Creator is represented by the eye. The 'elites' (controllers) and individuals with negative or misguided intentions have misused these sacred symbols. The symbols on Mike's album are meant to be presented in their proper context.

The pyramid with the eye is the very center of the Double Star of the Sephir Yetzirah. In the middle of the double star is the center triangle which represents Air, Water, and Fire as well as the Holy Trinity and the Creative Principle. The eye represents the Creator. These sacred symbols have been misused by the controllers and people with negative intent. The symbolism on Mike's album is meant to present the symbols in their proper context.

To leave dystopia, we must reject the societal and cultural dysfunction that surrounds us and reconnect with our true inner being and divine purpose.

In this excerpt from a June 2023 interview with Billy Watson, Mike explains the hijacking of spiritual, metaphysical and archetype symbols.

Mike's Beatles Conspiracy Research (Sunsetting November 9, 2024)

Mike Williams Sage of QuayMike is one of the leading Beatles conspiracy researchers in the world. His presentations and interviews on the topic have been viewed or listened to by more than 5 million people worldwide.

After eight years of analysis, Mike will retire his Beatles research effective November 9, 2024. His complete body of work can be found on his Paul Is Dead YouTube channel.

If you are new to the McCartney and Beatles conspiracy and would like to explore the topic, check out Mike's PID 101 YouTube playlist for beginners or, Mike's Very Best of Paul Is Dead channel (numbered by episode).

Interview requests after November 9, 2024 for Mike to discuss the Beatles topic will be decided on a case by case basis. The host's knowledge of Mike's work would be advantageous.

Some of Mike's Key PID/Beatles Presentations
For Mike's complete body of work on the McCartney (PID) and Beatles conspiracy click HERE.

Rubber Soul: The Unofficial Narrative (Feb 2024)

It's a Big Club and We're Not In It (Feb 2024)

The Essentials of Paul Is Dead

Did The Beatles Write All Their Own Music? (April 2020)

The ADDENDUM (April 2023)

Decoding Paul “Billy Shears” McCartney's Family Tree

The All Seeing Eye of Paul McCartney

The Beatles, Mind Control and the Culture Wars

The Beatles 1960-1963: Organic or Engineered?

Mike Stock - Inside The Music Business


The Gospel of Paul McCartney

Analysis: Beatle Albums vs Live Performances

Questioning The Beatles' Official Narrative

Do you collect vintage Beatle vinyl?

Paul McCartneyGeorge HarrisonRingo StarrJohn Lennon

Check out Mike's The Beatles US and UK Labels Quick Reference Guide

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