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Mike Williams Sage of QuayMike Williams is a critical thinker and the host of the popular internet radio show The Sage of Quay Radio Hour.

He is also the founder of the The Sage of Quay alternative news blog.

Mike's radio show and blog is dedicated to awakening the masses and bring humanity back into our natural existence of living in truth and serving Creation.

Mike brings his audience information on alternative news, alternative research, conspiracy, holistic healing, the esoteric, spirituality and much more. Mike and his guests are real people with real knowledge on topics and issues you need to know about.

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Mike is often asked about the cover art from his album Leaving Dystopia.

What does the eye within the pyramid mean?

Mike Williams Sage of QuayThe pyramid with the eye is the very center of the Double Star of the Sephir Yetzirah. In the middle of the double star is the center triangle which represents Air, Water, and Fire. The Holy Trinity and the Creative Principle. The eye represents the Creator. These sacred symbols have been misused by the controllers and people with negative intent. The symbolism on Mike's album is meant to present the symbols in their proper context.

Leaving Dystopia means departing the societal and cultural dysfunction that surrounds us and coming home to our true inner being and purpose.

Mike's Paul Is Dead (PID) Research

Mike Williams Sage of QuayMike is one of the leading Paul Is Dead (PID) researchers in the world today. His presentations and interviews on the McCartney conspiracy have reached over 1 million viewers and listeners worldwide.

All of Mike's PID research can be found on his Paul Is Dead YouTube channel.

If you are new to the McCartney conspiracy and would like to explore it, head over to the very best of Mike's Paul Is Dead presentations and interviews at Mike Williams' Very Best of Paul Is Dead YouTube Channel where all of Mike's major McCartney shows are numbered by episode.

Interview requests for Mike to discuss the McCartney topic will require the host to be familiar with Mike's work. It is also helpful if the interviewer has read or is familiar with The Memoirs of Billy Shears.

Mike Williams - Why The McCartney Conspiracy Is Important

Mike Williams - The Essentials of Paul Is Dead

How To Become A Guest

All potential guests must have subject matter expertise in a particular area of research or in their profession. Topics must be pertinent to the show's format of alternative research, conspiracy, the esoteric and spirituality (metaphysics).

Please note: Although Mike attempts to read as many of the emails and messages he receives, the sheer volume of mail makes it impossible to personally respond to everyone. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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"Live in Truth and always serve Creation" ~ Mike Williams

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